One of the simplest ways to understand is to look at a safety pin. 

The large end represents your brain, and the smaller end represents a body part (i.e. your stomach or lungs). 

The thin piece of metal represents the messages going from the brain. The other thin piece of metal represents the message from your body back to the brain. We all know that the brain communicates with every part of the body. As long as that message gets through freely, that body part will work. 

There's A Problem With Safety Pins

Even though the safety pins can hold a lot, they occasionally open up. When that happens, someone eventually gets stuck! 

Your nervous system works a lot like that safety pin. As long as the connection is intact, the brain controls and coordinates every function in the body. Unfortunately, like that safety pin, that message can be broken or interrupted.


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In our bodies, the loss of that full connection can be devastating.

This loss of full connection is called a subluxation and can be caused by many everyday events. Some of the more obvious causes of subluxation are car accidents, slips and falls, and lifting too heavy. Many other causes of subluxation are not so obvious, like stress, poor posture, sitting for long periods, and the birth process itself. 

Safety pins are great when they work!

The payoff is obvious when the open safety pins its fixed… there are no sharpened points to stick you, the safety pin is strong, and it holds things together. The payoff in your body is also obvious. When a connection and communication from the brain to every part of your body is re-established, there are no sick body parts to stick you, the body is strong, and it holds your life together.

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