After your adjustment with Dr. Shoemaker or Dr. Alex, what can you do to prolong the benefits? In this video, Dr. Shoe talks about at-home tractioning, icing, home exercises, and nutritional support.  Also, below are instructional videos on each of these topics. 




Tractioning at home will help return the natural 40-degree curve in your neck. This helps balance the weight of your skull on your spine and evenly distributes the load across the curve.  



Putting ice on your injury will reduce the swelling and help aid in the healing process. We do not suggest using heat due to the chance it may increase inflammation. We recommend 20 minutes of ice as often as every 2 hours. 




We have cervical, lower back, and safe lifting exercises the doctor will give you. They will help you strengthen these areas to prevent further injury.  

Print Cervical Exercises

Print Cox Exercises


We recommend several supplements for joint and spinal health like Glucosamine Sulfate, Collagen, Chondro-flx, and Fish Oil. These all help with rebuilding and restoring joint health and increasing lubrication. 


If you are interested in ordering any of these supplements, you may call our office at (313) 886-8030 and we will be happy to help!

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