Not only will knee pain prevent you from doing your normal day-to-day activities, but it can also throw the rest of your body’s alignment off.  Our ankles, knees, and hips are a kinetic chain where one can affect the others.



Did you know that the knees can get subluxated just like your spine?  The doctors can adjust your knee to correct any misalignments.

A simple misstep or stumble can be enough to subluxate your lower extremities or pelvis which will affect the rest of your spine. 

With any acute pain, start with icing and at your next adjustment bring it to Dr. Shoe’s or Dr. Alex’s attention.  The doctors may also suggest taking Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondro-Flx, and/or CollaGEN supplements to help the soft tissues heal.


A poor foundation can lead to knee pain, so the next time you have knee pain look at your shoes.  Your shoes may look good on the outside, but the soles can wear out sooner than the tread. 

As part of your first new patient appointment here at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic, we will scan your feet to see what imbalances you may have with Foot Levelers Kiosk.  Orthodics help keep your feet balanced which then keeps your spine level, which holds your adjustments longer. 


Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments, proper nutritional supplements, and orthotics will help eliminate your knee pain and reduce the chances of knee replacement surgery.

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