Stretch Before You Play

Stretching before a sport will help promote proper circulation, improve coordination and flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and prevent muscle strain. Without proper stretching, tissues may shorten over time and become fatigued, creating an opportunity for injury.

As someone who played baseball from when I was 5 all the way through undergrad and someone who has been weight lifting since I was 16, I have noticed the positive effects of a 15-minute stretching routine pre and post-practice or exercise has been great for limiting soreness and maximizing performance throughout the years.  


Here at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic, we have a great book we refer to titled "Stretching," written by Bob Anderson. Each page has specific stretches for all types of sports. Below are some of the top sports our patients play in the summer. The book also contains stretches for sitting at your desk, stretching first thing in the morning, and more. There is a link below if you are interested in buying the book.   

So to perform your best this summer, remember to put on your sunscreen, hydrate, and most importantly stretch before you play!   





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