Happy Halloween, Chiro Kids! Below are the instructions for the Climbing Spider and Sugar Skull crafts we are making this season. Remember to pick up your bag at your next adjustment! Happy Crafting! 🎨



  • Overlap the circles slightly and glue them together.
  • Glue the googly eyes, mouth, and cheeks on the smaller circle.
  • Glue the spider legs on the back of the big black circle.
  • Tape the straws to the back of the spider. Leave at least 1 ½” in between the two straws.
  • Thread one end of the yarn through a straw and down through the other.
  • Tie knots at the ends of the yarn or string. This prevents the spider from falling off the string.
  • Hang the yarn or string on a doorknob or door hinge.
  • Alternate pulling on the yarn or string back and forth. Watch the spider climb up the string! If your spider is having trouble climbing up, try extending the distance between your hands and pull the strings farther apart.
  • Release the tension on the yarn or string and watch the spider climb back down!




*Note: The paper plate in your child’s bag already has the measurements and outline for them to cut. Skip to #5 to finish your project.

  • Take your 9” inch paper plate, and with your pencil on the front, make a dot in the center at 4 ½”. You will then make 8 – 2” pie slices in the center of the plate.
  • For the bottom two pie slices, place a dot in the center, which would be at the 1” mark, and draw a line to the edge of the plate to create the mouth.
  • From that 1” point, draw a 2 1/2” circle to create the cheeks. See picture #2 for an example.
  • Draw with a marker the outline of the skull.
  • Take your scissors and cut out your skull.
  • Flip over the skull, and draw your eyes, nose, and design with your pencil.
  • Take your markers and color in your design.
  • When finished coloring, tape the straw to the back of the mask.


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