Nutritional Supplement Webinar | January 2021 (1:02:04)

Nutritional Webinar

- Ortho Molecular history
- What process does Ortho Molecular use to produce the highest-grade supplements on the market?
- Bone and Joint Health
- Strengthening your immune system
- Gut Health
- And more

Nutritional Supplement Webinar

Headaches: Causes and Solutions | October 2020 (17:16)

Headache Webinar In this webinar, you will learn...

- Facts about headaches
- Types of headaches
- How chiropractic adjustments help with headaches.
- Things to do at home to help you reduce your symptoms. 
- Hydrate
- Supporting nutritional supplements

Headaches Webinar

Avoiding Lower Back Pain | August 2020 (15:59)

Avoiding Lower back Pain

In this webinar, you will learn...

- How common it is to have lower back pain.
- Discover which nerve endings communicate with which body part.
- Lower back pain symptoms
- How chiropractic adjustments can help relieve your pain.
- Nutraceutical-grade supplements that support your lower back.

Avoiding Lower Back Pain Webinar

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