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Healing Knee Pain with Chiropractic

Did you know that the knees can get subluxated just like your spine? The doctors can adjust your knee to correct any misalignments. Read More

Sports and Chiropractic πŸŽΎπŸˆπŸ’

Here at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic, we can help patients prevent injury by teaching proper conditioning, warm-up, and cool-down techniques for each sport or exercise activity. We treat these injuries by showing you proper stretching, strengthening exercises and recommending pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Read More

The Safety Pin Method

Your nervous system works a lot like that safety pin. As long as the connection is intact, the brain controls and coordinates every function in the body. Unfortunately, like that safety pin that message can be broken or interrupted. That's where chiropractic comes in. Read More

Managing A Whiplash Injury

How do you treat a whiplash injury? The doctors at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic have suggestions on how to treat and heal whiplash. Read More

β˜• Warm Up with Clairpointe β›„ - Clairpointe's Quarterly Newsletter πŸ“° Jan - March 2023

Winter is here... well, it's trying. Soon snow and ice will be on the ground, and we will shovel and salt our walkways. In this quarterly newsletter, Dr. Shoemaker talks about safe snow shoveling and what to do to prevent an injury, and how to heal quickly if you hurt yourself lifting heavy snow. Also, we have a little "Coffee Talk" section with the latest on Dr. Nathan, social media, and fun facts about chiropractic. We also have a fun Winter Word Search for you to complete. Read More

Chiropractic Care Aiding In Mental Health

Here at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic, we will tailor your whole body treatment plan according to both your health conditions and lifestyle. Chiropractic care can be an important component of your mental health treatment team. Read More

Good Health On A Dime

Did you know the weight of a dime is 2.268 grams? That’s all it takes to decrease normal nerve transmission by 70%! Read More

The Power of Being Aligned

Chiropractors treat many conditions affecting the nervous system and musculoskeletal systems. The doctors at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic care for all kinds of bone, joint, or muscle pain. They are trained Read More

TMJ and Chiropractic

When the jaw is out of its normal alignment it will not open and close smoothly and may pop or click. Adjusting the TMJ and getting it back in to its normal alignment will slowly reshape the disc and allow the joint to function as it should. Read More

Chiropractic and Headaches

A natural solution to headaches is chiropractic care. A subluxation of the atlas or axis vertebrae can put pressure on your brain stem and cause headaches or migraines. Also, we will work to restore the natural curve in your neck and proper alignment of the vertebrae through chiropractic adjustments and postural work. Read More

Plantar Fasciitis Pain - Chiropractic Can Help

Dr. Shoemaker and Dr. Alex can check the alignment of the foot. Proper alignment helps take the stress off the ligament, which will allow it to relax. Read More

Family Chiropractic Care

We encourage bringing the whole family in to get adjusted here at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic so that your nervous systems are functioning at their best potential. Read More

🍴 Clairpointe's 15th Annual Food Drive πŸ—

Clairpointe Family Chiropractic's annual food drive starts Tuesday, November 1st, - November 17th, 2022. All donations will be given to Grace Community Church to fill their pantry for local families in need. Read More

Clairpointe's Quarterly Newsletter | October 2022 πŸ‚

In this quarterly newsletter, Dr. Shoemaker talks about the history of chiropractic and how Clairpointe Family Chiropractic helping the community for 71 years! Also, learn about all the holiday fun we'll be having at Clairpointe in the next three months and how you can get involved. Read More

Clairpointe's Staff Pumpkin Contest 2022 πŸŽƒ

Clairpointe's 11th Annual Staff Pumpkin Contest Is Here! Each Clairpointe staff member has decorated a pumpkin for our patients to vote for. The staff member with the most votes will win a prize. Read More

Chiropractic Aiding In Pregnancy

Many physical changes during pregnancy will impact your posture and spine. Chiropractic adjustments can help ease those discomforts and help with an easier pregnancy. Read More

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