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How We Practice

Clairpointe Family Chiropractic is a state-of-the-art facility with a Family Doctor style feel. The Doctors take a “whole person approach” to their patients by managing symptoms while addressing the underlying causes of injuries and disease. We have spent decades searching for the natural approaches to regaining your health. Our services have a PROVEN track record in providing high-quality chiropractic care for all ages from infants to the elderly. 

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we offer many wellness options including nutritional guidance and supplements, and Foot Levelers brand custom-fitted orthotics. If you are looking for quality chiropractic and wellness care in the Grosse Pointe Communities, call us today at (313) 886-8030, to schedule a new patient appointment to see how you can start living a healthier life with less need for other interventions such as medications and surgery.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

The human spine is one of the most amazing structures ever designed. It not only protects our main power source, the central nervous system (CNS), but allows us the rigidity to stand upright and yet remain flexible to allow us almost infinite range of motion. Since the spine is made up of 24 articulating and individually moveable vertebrae, they can slip, or get knocked, out of alignment. If you are healthy and have good spinal habits, your body will self-correct up to 90% of these misalignments or subluxations. It is for the other 10% you will need a chiropractor to correct. 

The Vertebral Subluxation Complex

The central (CNS) and peripheral nervous systems (PNS) run your entire body for every second you are alive. The CNS generates 100% of the power and your PNS delivers it to every one of the 7-10 trillion cells in your body. A vertebral subluxation puts pressure on these delicate nerves and interferes with the messages between your brain and your body. As a result, one or more parts of your body will begin to malfunction and create symptoms telling you something is wrong. These symptoms could be as minor as an upset stomach or headache. These subluxations rarely cause back pain until more than 60% of the spinal nerve is compressed. So, if you are relying solely on back or neck pain to decide it is time to see the chiropractor, then you may have waited too long.

Clairpointe's Chiropractic Technique 

Our chiropractic adjustment style, based on the Palmer Package, has evolved for more than 40 years to reflect the skills necessary to treat a wide variety of spinal and extremity conditions. The Palmer Package refers to a set of adjustment styles and techniques taught at Palmer College of Chiropractic that are needed to handle essentially any subluxation-related issue.

Our subluxation-based approach, primarily utilizing the Full Spine Diversified and Cox-Flexion-Distraction techniques, is a testament to our commitment to effective treatment. These techniques, applied manually by Clairpointe Family Chiropractic’s skilled doctors, have proven to be highly effective in addressing not just spinal issues but also many shoulder, knee, and other extremity injuries.

Corrective Chiropractic Care

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Wellness (Maintenance) Chiropractic Care

Just like a new car needs oil changes and tire rotations, even healthy spines need to be properly maintained. Maintenance chiropractic care is appropriate in two situations: 

First, if your initial workup shows no spinal damage that needs to be corrected, you may qualify for just a monthly check-up and maintenance spinal adjustment to keep you healthy. This is common in children.

Or secondly, after the end of your corrective phase of care, you will qualify for a maintenance checkup and adjustment to help you maintain your initial correction. The frequency of this care could be weekly to monthly which will be determined by how much if any permanent damage, scar tissue, and muscle memory you still have in your spine. 

Family Care

Subluxations tend to run in families and those with similar activities. Therefore, we always recommend a basic spinal assessment on every immediate family member. If this assessment is done within the first 14 days of starting care, this will be offered at our expense and at no cost to them.

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Progress Examinations and Reports Findings

Your initial workup will not be the only time we stop to analyze your spine. When under corrective chiropractic care, we will recheck your spine every month to determine the effectiveness of your care, what has changed in your spine, and how you are progressing toward wellness. A brief report of findings will be presented by the doctor on your following visit to document your progress.

Spinal Care

Spinal Imaging (X-Rays and MRI)

I once read “to see is to know, and to not see, is to guess”. Spinal X-rays are an essential tool in our quest to reduce or eliminate the negative health effects of vertebral subluxations in your body.  Unless there is a clinical reason to not take images of your spine (such as pregnancy), your initial evaluation will include digital spinal X-rays, which have the lowest exposure of all spinal imaging. If this imaging does not show us the problem or perhaps shows us an area to be investigated further, we may refer you for MRI.


Added Services

Our best and quickest patient care results come from our patients who combine additional services, when appropriate, with their chiropractic adjustments:

Nutritional Supplements

The CDC reports on its website that 90% of all illness starts with a deficiency of some type. Nutritional antagonists are any food, medicine, or activity that depletes key healthy nutrients in your body. If those nutrients are not replaced, the resulting deficiency will deplete your health and weaken your immune system. During a nutritional consultation, the doctors can determine where you have holes in your diet and make common-sense, high-quality recommendations for you. What you are already taking may not be serving your needs.

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Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics

Sick posture makes for a sick body and your posture starts with your feet. Just like your fingerprints are different on each hand, no two feet are alike either. As you go through your day, the arches in your feet will begin to fall and drop at different rates. The arch that drops the fastest will cause your pelvis to rotate forward on that side resulting in a postural imbalance that causes subluxations to reoccur more frequently. Our Foot Levelers patented 3D scanner will analyze your arches and create a prescription for your own custom orthotics to reduce the negative impact your feet have on your health. A must for athletes and people who spend much of their day on their feet. 

Foot Scanner

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