Infants & Children

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Infants and Children

Most people do not realize that infants and children are just as much in need of chiropractic care as adults. Infants, in particular, are susceptible to a wide range of possible ailments related to slow or traumatic birth and C-sections.

Misalignments or subluxations put pressure on the delicate spinal nerves and interfere with the body’s ability to coordinate and control all phases of growth and development. Chiropractic for infants and children can help correct these potential problems through careful yet effective adjustments to remedy misalignments as they are identified.

Children particularly need pediatric chiropractic care as they age because a lot of the problems we experience as adults actually come from our childhood – either because we fell (think about how many times a day a baby falls when they are learning to walk, sometimes 10-20 times per day), broke something or simply had poor posture (which is extremely common today).  

Common Conditions

Having your infant or child under chiropractic care can help manage, decrease, and/or possibly eliminate common conditions.

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Common conditions chiropractic adjustments have been found to help with: 

  • Difficulty Breastfeeding, Especially to One Side
  • Digestive Issues
  • Ear Infections
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Scoliosis
  • Chronic Colds and Flu

Poor Posture

Posture problems particularly result from spending many hours in front of a computer or television, playing rough, sports, or carrying backpacks all day long at school.

It is best to deal with any potential injury, misalignment, postural problem or other ailment and condition as soon as possible when it is identified. After all, the nervous system controls and coordinates every stage of growth and development; you should want to keep your child’s nervous system as healthy as possible through regular treatment.

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