Nutritional Guidance

Why Supplements Learn the difference between supplement quality and why it is important to take pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

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Antiviral Kit

Giving your body the tools to help strengthen your immune system with these recommended supplements below.

Supplements: Sago C,  Vitamin D, Zinc, and Viracid.

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Cleanse Picture

Using these pharmaceutical grade supplements will help you break down your food, restore and replenish your digestive system. 

Supplements: Digestzyme-V, Ortho Biotic, Probiotic 225, and Bioslife 2 Natural.

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Heart Health

These two supplements are a great way to help improve your heart health without the use of medication. 

Supplements: Cardio B and AdreneVive.

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Multivitamins Dr. Shoemaker explains the benefits of taking a pharmaceutical multivitamin on a daily basis. 

Supplements: Aved-Eze and Alpha Base Ultimate Pack.

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Allergy and Sinus

Here are three supplements that give optimal support for seasonal changes. 

Supplements: Natural D-Hist, Sinatrol and Sago C.

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Muscle, Bone, and Joint

These supplements Dr. Shoe recommends provides maximum support for muscle, bone and joint health. 

Supplements: Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondro-Flx, Reacted MultiMin, Vitamin D3 w/ K2, Vascuzyme, CollaGEN, and Bone Fortify.

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Women's Health

Specific supplements that can help strengthen the health of women. 

Supplements: Bone Fortify, Reacted Iron, Collagen and Cosmedix. 

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Children's Supplements

Filling the void of depleted nutrients in children can be a challenge. Here are suggestions that can help replenish those nutrients. 

Supplements: Aved-Kids, D-Hist Jr, Orthomega Pearls, Flora Boost and Flora Bites.

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