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October 2023 blog cover

In this quarterly newsletter, we talk about being aware of spinal health and immune-strengthening supplements for cold and flu season. Also, learn about all the holiday fun we'll be having at Clairpointe in the next three months and how you can get involved.

🍂Happy Fall!🎃

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Clairpointe Resilience Newsletter

In this Quarterly newsletter, we talk about the challenges we faced in the last few months, our Friends and Family offer in July, Supplements that help balance your stress and anxiety, and more!

☀️Enjoy Your Summer!🏖️

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Supplement Quality Photo

In this Quarterly newsletter, we focus on the importance of quality supplements, why it's essential to buy directly from Clairpointe Family Chiropractic or the manufacturer, and we have a special offer for the month of April.

🌸Happy Spring!🌻

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Warm Up W/ Clairpointe Photo

A New Year A New You! In this quarterly newsletter, we talk about safe snow shoveling, we have a little "Coffee Talk" section with the latest on Dr. Nathan, social media, and fun facts about chiropractic. We also have a fun Winter Word Search for you to complete. 

❄Happy Winter!❄

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Chiropractic Roots Photo

In this quarterly newsletter, we talk about the history of chiropractic care, staff pumpkin contest, Clairpointe's 15th annual food drive, and so much more!

🍂 Happy Fall! 🍁

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A Summer of Health Photo

Summer is here! With such beautiful weather, many of us are gardening, walking, running, or playing our favorite sports. Unfortunately, due to such activity, we often see old injuries flare up or new ones begin. In this quarterly newsletter, the doctors at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic are talking about ways to enjoy your summer activities without injury. 

🌞 Enjoy a safe and healthy summer! ⛱️

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Let's Talk Chiropractic Photo

This Spring, we are getting back to basics! Read articles written by the doctors at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic about the importance of being properly aligned, adjusting babies, and lifting weights safely. Also, learn about what supplements Clairpointe suggested to help you with your seasonal allergies.  

🌻Happy Spring!🌷

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New Beginnings Photo

There are lots of exciting things happening at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic this year.  Get all the details below in this quarter's newsletter including carb-cutting recipes that go along with our New Year's fitness challenge.

🥳Happy New Year from all of us at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic!🎉

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Jeepers Creepers Photo

Jeepers Creepers! It's that busy time of year at Clairpointe again.

Next week is Patient Appreciation Week followed by our staff pumpkin contest. Get all the details on our upcoming events in this quarter's newsletter. Also, Dr. Shoemaker provides some great information about strengthening your immune system during this cold and flu season, and introduces our new supplement kits which are available now! Happy Fall!

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Cool Things Are Happening Photo

Cool things are happening at Clairpointe! In this quarterly newsletter we talk about our new team member Nathan Blackwell, July's Fitness Challenge, Kid's Wellness Check-up offer, Chiro Kids summer crafts, our new Foot Levelers 3-D scanner, and more!

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Back To School

Back to School! In this quarterly newsletter we talk about children returning to school and the postural struggles they may be having, backpack safety, family subluxation patterns, baby's first adjustment, and more.

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A New Year Photo

A New Year A New You! In this quarterly newsletter, we talk about starting fresh with exercise, supplements, and a healthy immune system. We start our fitness challenge and talk about our upcoming patient appreciation!

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Falling For Chiropractic Photo

Falling For Chiropractic! In this quarterly newsletter we talk about monthly webinars, preparing for the cold and flu season, Clairpointe's cookie recipe book, Dr. Shoe's health tip, and more.

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Back ON Track

Back On Track! In this quarterly newsletter, we talk about returning to regular chiropractic care, zoom meetings with Dr. Shoe, fitness challenge, summer recipes, kids summer crafts, and more.

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