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Managing A Whiplash Injury

Managing A Whiplash Injury Picture

Whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, like the cracking of a whip.  This can happen when you are in a car accident, a bump on the head, or a slip and fall.  How do you treat whiplash?  Watch our video to see how chiropractic care can help and what you can do at home. 

Whiplash Injury Video

Kids Adjustment Schedule 

Kids Adjustment Schedule Picture

How often should a baby and/or child get adjusted?  Watch Dr. Shoemaker talk about the birthing process and how often your baby/child should see a chiropractor!

Kids Adjustment Video

The Dangers of Self-Adjusting

The Dangers of Self-Adjusting

Have you ever "cracked" your back or neck?  Well STOP! You are doing more harm than good.  Watch our video, "The Dangers of Self-Adjusting" to learn why you shouldn't self-adjust.

Dangers of Self-Adjusting Video

Getting the Most Out Of Your Adjustment

Getting the most out of your adjustment

In this video, learn what you can do in between your adjustments to help stabilize your spinal adjustment longer.

Getting the Most Video

The Importance of Maintenance Care

The Importance of Maintenance Care

Why is maintenance chiropractic care so important? In this video, Dr. Shoemaker will walk you through the importance of staying on a maintenance chiropractic schedule.

Maintenance Care Video

Our Story | GP Chamber Chat

Chamber Chat Learn about Clairpointe Family Chiropractic's story and the chiropractic history in Grosse Pointe and the surrounding areas as Rachele Wight, from the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce, interviews Dr. Gary Shoemaker. 

Clairpointe Chamber Chat Video

Healthy Resolutions

Weight Loss Math

Week 1: Weight Loss Math

Learn how to calculate the number of calories you need to burn to get to reach a healthy and sustainable goal.

Weight Loss Math Video

Heart Rate Trainning

Week 2: Heart Rate Training

What is your ideal fat burn? Learn where your ideal heart rate should be by watching our video below.

Heart Rate Training Video

Water Intake

Week 3: Water Intake and Supplement Support

Drinking your water and taking your supplements will help you stay healthy during the winter months. How much water should you be drinking? Dr. Gary Shoemaker explains this in our video below.

Water Intake and Supplement Video

Regular Chiropractic Care

Week 4: Regular Chiropractic Care

In this video, Dr. Gary Shoemaker talks about ten benefits of chiropractic care!

Regular Chiropractic Care Video

Why Pharmaceutical Supplements?

Why Suplements

There are four levels of supplement quality- Pharmaceutical-Grade, Medical, Nutraceutical, and Veterinarian grade. Learn whey it is important why to consume the highest grade of supplements, Pharmaceutical-Grade.

Pharmaceutical Supplements Video

Headaches and Chiropractic Care


Suffering from headaches or migraines? Chiropractic adjustments can reduce and help eliminate your pain. Watch Dr. Gary Shoemaker in our video below how chiropractic adjustments can help manage your headaches and/or migraines.

Headaches and Chiropractic Care Video

Family Chiropractic Care

Family Chiro Care Keep everyone in your family healthy by getting adjusted. From birth, learning to walk, sports, computers and technology, even daily habits can cause spinal subluxations. Watch Dr. Gary Shoemaker explain the benefits of family chiropractic care.

Family Chiropractic Care Video

Family Chiropractic Care Blog

Auto Insurance Reform and Your Chiropractic

Auto Insurance

There have been changes in your insurance policy that could affect you from getting quality chiropractic care. Watch Dr. Gary Shoemaker explain these changes. 

Auto Insurance Reform Video

Auto Reform Sheet

Lifestyle Changes for a Stronger Immune System

Lifestyle Changes What habits should you create to strengthen your immune system? In this video, Dr. Gary Shoemaker talks about the importance of drinking water, reducing sugars, lowering your stress, and getting more rest.

Lifestyle Changes Video

Calcium Intake Vs. Uptake

Calcium Intake and Uptake

So you started taking a calcium supplement, how do you know if your body absorbing it? Watch Dr. Gary Shoemaker talk about how the body absorbs calcium and why it is important your calcium should be pharmaceutical-grade

Calcium Intake Vs. Uptake Video

Medications Depleting Your Nutrition

Medications Depleting Your Nutrition

Medication can deplete the nutrients in your body. Watch Dr. Gary Shoemaker explain how this can happen, also read our "Nutrient Depletion Evaluation Sheet" below for more details. 

Medications Depleting Video

Nutrient Depletion Evaluation Sheet

Strengthening Your Immune System

Strengthening Your Immune System Strengthening your immune system has been a hot topic these days. Watch Dr. Gary Shoemaker explain how chiropractic supplements and pharmaceutical-grade supplements can help build immunity.

Immune System Video

Battling Cold and Flu Season Naturally 

Battling Colds and Flus Naturally

Battling colds and flus can be difficult, in this video Dr. Gary Shoemaker gives you tips on how to reduce your symptoms and get better fast!

Battling Cold and Flu Video

Cold and Flu Blog

Helping You Through The Allergy Season

Allergy Season

Coughing, sneezing, and dealing with a running nose during allergy session can prevent you from daily activities. In this video,  Dr. Gary Shoemaker gives you five tips hoe to reduce your allergy symptoms. 

Allergy Season Video

Chiropractic Care Helping With Allergies Blog

5 Keys to Boosting Your Health and Vitality

Health and Vitality In this video, Dr. Gary Shoemaker talks about the importance of maintaining the human spine and how it can affect your body. 

Boosting Your Health and Vitality Video

The River of Life

Thar River of Life Your nervous system is similar to a river; it flows freely when in motion but can "freeze" when you have a subluxation. In this video, Dr. Gary Shoemaker will explain the importance of chiropractic adjustments and how they can remove subluxations.

The River Of Life Video

The River of Life Blog

The Safety Pin and Spinal Subluxations

The Safety Pin The top of the safety pin represents the head, and the rest represents the body. The nervous system flows uninterrupted unless there is a subluxation - such as an open clasp. Learn more by watching our video below!     

Safety Pin Video

The Safety Pin Blog

Getting the Most Out Of Your Adjustment

Getting the Most Out of Your Adjustment

While getting chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis, here are suggestions you can do at home to help you support your care. Watch Dr. Gary Shoemaker walk you through those suggestions in our video blow!

Getting The Most Video

Getting the Most Out Of Your Adjustment Blog

Good Health On a Dime

Good Health on a Dime

Did you know a weight of a dime can reduce your nerve flow throughout your body? Learn how such a small amount of pressure can interrupt your nervous system from communicating with the rest of your body in our video below.

Good Health On a Dime Video

Chiropractic Improving Digestive 

Digestion Did you now chiropractic adjustments can help you improve your digestive system? Watch Dr. Gary Shoemaker in the video below to learn how chiropractic care can help your digestive health.

Improving Digestive Video

Cleanse, Detoxify, and Replenish Your Digestive System Blog

Adjusting TMJ


TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) occurs when the small disc in your jaw moves and can get pined over to one side. Learn how chiropractic adjustments can center that disc and relieve you from pain.

Adjusting TMJ Video

TMJ and Chiropractic Blog

Chiropractic and Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of each foot and connects the heel bone to the toes (plantar fascia). Learn how chiropractic adjustments can reduce this pain and allow the foot to heal.

Plantar Fasciitis Video

Kids Need Adjustments Too!

Kids Need Adjustments Too! Kids need adjustments too! Sorts, tach neck, and daily routines can cause misalignments in our children's spines. Learn about the benefits of chiropractic care in our video below.

Kids Adjustments Video

Kids Need Adjustments Too Blog

Adjusting Knee Pain

Adjusting Knee Pain

Tired of dealing with knee pain? Chiropractic care can help reduce your pain and get you back to your normal routine. Learn more in our video below.

Adjusting Knee Pain Video

Healing Knee Pain With Chiropractic Blog

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